Hallman appointed Bear Creek's new police chief

Douglas Hallman takes the oath office as new police chief for the town of Bear Creek during a special-called meeting Monday night. Shown administering the oath is Mayor Rob Taylor. Holding the Holy Bible, on which the oath was taken, was Hallman's wife Nancy.

BEAR CREEK- A unanimous vote of the Bear Creek Town Council at a special-called meeting Monday night named Douglas Hallman as police chief, replacing Kenny Hallmark, who resigned recently to go back to Hackleburg as police chief. Conducting the swearing in-ceremony of Hallman was Mayor Rob Taylor. Holding the Holy Bible, on which Hallman took the oath, was his wife Nancy, who is principal of Phillips Elementary in Bear Creek. Hallman, was was former jailer then deputy for the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, has been in law enforcement 11 years, and brings some new ideas to the town, capitalizing on financial improvements, including a separate building for the police department, put in place while Hallmark was chief the past two years. Watch for full in-depth story of Hallman as new police chief in an upcoming edition of the Alabmian.

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