New Arley town signs possible

George Gibson shows a town sign idea the Town of Arley could display.

ARLEY - New, attractive town signs could be on the horizon for the Town of Arley it was learned at the town council meeting on May 7.

“Our town signs need to be upgraded,” said George Gibson, former fire chief. “They’ve served their purpose. I’d like them to be higher class.”

Gibson then displayed a photo at Brushy Creek Point of their sign with rock and brick work.

“It’d be a good idea to upgrade our signs for it’s what people see when they first come in to town,” Gibson continued.

“It sounds like a good idea to me,” stated Mayor Chris Tyree. “I passed one last week. It was brick, and it did look good. I would like for the signs to look better coming in to Arley.”

Tyree suggested four signs with the locations being on County Road 41 north and south as well as on County Roads 63 and 77.

A motion was passed to allow Tyree to pursue checking into prices on the signs.

See complete story in the Northwest Alabamian.
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