Does national media have our backs?

I for one am pretty fed up with the Democrats and Republicans playing politics, with each side seemingly hoping for the failure of the other and playing around with people’s lives. These are good working men and women with families, hoping for jobs and not a hand out but at least something for the tax dollars most of us shell out each April. We have our politicians calling voters “deplorable” and “they don’t count.” We are tired of this.
The media, most well-paid to do what they are doing, cannot be rolled back. The constitution backs them up in just about anything they do, so they get away with it. They say “FREE PRESS!” Who do we have as citizens who backs us while the media and politicians play their little games?
The politicians can’t get in front of the camera fast enough to disparage this one and that one while the world is watching and noting the ignorance and breakdown of order. There’s no coming together on almost anything. The infighting needs to cease and desist.
It is best said, “Pray for the leaders of America.”

Nadine Hood Overstreet


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