Arley to make decision about vacant building

Arley Mayor Chris Tyree shows the old metal building, once used for the town’s fire department then water department, that needs to be torn down.

ARLEY   -  The town of Arley is faced with a decision regarding tearing down the 40X60 vacant metal building on Helicon Road where the town’s fire department and water department were once located.
The lot behind the vacant building has come to life recently thanks to a pilot recycling program started by the Arley Women’s Club, featuring a large bin on a controlled-gate site where women’s club members are collecting recyclable items in an effort to better protect the environment.
The town is considering the removal of the old metal building, in order to clean up the lot as well as extend the security fence across where the building once stood, to give continued protection at the secured site for recycling.



See complete story in the June 27, edition of The Northwest Alabamian.
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