City of Haleyville preparing for severe weather potential Saturday

HALEYVILLE - Mayor Ken Sunseri called a meeting of department heads and other key city officials Friday morning to prepare for the potential of more flooding rains today, as well as severe weather Saturday.

"The ground is saturated.  I have never seen anything like yesterday,"  Sunseri said about the very heavy rainfall that occurred Thursday afternoon. That rain resulted in approximately 8-12 inches of standing water on Highway 13 in the vicinity of Goar's and Traditions Florist.  Police Chief Kyle Reogas confirmed that there were four accidents in Haleyville that could be attributed to the weather yesterday.

Sunseri noted that he was concerned about potentially more stormy weather entering the area during the 2-3 p.m. timeframe Friday, as well as the potential for severe weather, including the possibility of high winds and tornadoes on Saturday.  With the high winds, the potential for tree and power line damage will be higher.

"The weather predictions for tomorrow are ideal conditions for tornadoes,"  Sunseri said, telling all department heads to have staff members ready to open all the shelters within the city in case a tornado watch is issued, as well as to prepare all city vehicles and chainsaws.

Winston County Commissioner David Cummings noted that County Road 58 and Little Crooked Road are closed due to the weather.

"Today is the day to get ready.  We prepare for the worst and hope for the best,"  Sunseri said.


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