Double Springs Fireworks show July 5

DOUBLE SPRINGS  - The Town of Double Springs urges residents to continue the festive spirit of Independence Day by coming out to a fireworks show Friday, July 5, a day after the holiday.
“We do that to try to coordinate with other events in the county,” stated Crystal Till, of the Community Unity organization, which helps host public events in the town.  This way, Till stated, communities will have larger numbers to attend their respective Independence Day events for July 4.
The fireworks event in Double Springs will be at the town’s ballfields at 9 p.m. Residents are welcome to bring their lawn chairs and watch the show, or park and watch from their cars in the parking area at the ball fields, according to Till.
“We want to stress for people to park in the parking lots, not on the sides of the road,” noted Double Springs Mayor Elmo Robinson. “That would be dangerous for them.”
The police department will be patrolling the area and watching for any parking violations, Robinson stated.
Members of the Double Springs Fire Department will be in charge of shooting off the grand display of fireworks from the back field of the ballfield complex.
Residents will also be welcome to bring their chairs onto the front field in order to have a better view of the fireworks show.
Traffic may be congested, so those planning to attend need to be at the fields at least by 9 p.m., since the show may start shortly after that, Till stated.
“Bring your chairs, sit out beside your neighbor and watch the fireworks,” Till said.
The show will only feature fireworks, with the event free of charge. No live entertainment is being planned for the event.


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