Winston County Commission declares State of Emergency amidst COVID-19 concerns

From left, Winston County Commissioner David Cummings, Administrative Clerk Judy Burnett, Commission Chairman Roger Hayes, Commissioner Bobby Everett and Commission Attorney Hobby Manasco at the emergency meeting held Thursday morning.

DOUBLE SPRINGS  - The Winston County Commission, in an emergency meeting held Thursday morning, voted to declare a State of Emergency, enabling Chairman Roger Hayes to carry out routine and necessary operations and expenditures due to coronavirus or COVID-19 restrictions being issued statewide.
As part of the State of Emergency, the commission voted to hire a truck driver, mechanic and slinger for the sanitation department due to the county’s work release program being suspended amidst the closures being prompted by COVID-19.
Hayes told Commissioners David Cummings and Bobby Everett they would be kept informed of any changes with the ongoing situation.
The State of Emergency allows Hayes to conduct emergency-related business, even if Everett and Cummings are not able to attend meetings.
For instance, if an emergency occurs and an extra employee is needed at the road department, the State of Emergency allows the commission to post for a position instead of having a meeting.
During this State of Emergency, sanitation services will be running along with trucks, and the Winston County Courthouse will remain open until further notice, Hayes said after the meeting.
“We need to watch this very closely, and mind the situation,” Cummings stated.
“We’re fortunate right now we don’t have...a case in Winston County. But we’re trying to take the techniques and encourage the public to stay their distance from one another, use hand sanitizers, stay clean and keep the spread down,” Cummings said.
The responsibility to do these things falls on everyone, not just county leaders, Cummings added. 
“We urge anyone who may have symptoms to stay out of the public,” he pointed out.


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