Locations for school buses that will serve as Wi-Fi hot spots announced

WINSTON COUNTY - The following locations in Winston County are where school buses that are equipped with Wi-Fi will be parked for students  who are learning virtually to utilize, if needed, in order to obtain high-speed internet:

Mt. Pleasant Church, Highway 278, Nesmith;

Moreland (New Home) Baptist Church, County Road 63, Moreland;

Houston Baptist Church, County Road 3154 (off of  County Road 63), Houston;

Black Pond Fire Department, County Road 8, Black Pond;

Ashridge Fire Department, Highway 195, Ashridge;

The Rock Church, Highway 278, Double Springs;

Ephesus Church, County Road  3423 (off of County Road 93), Pebble;

Grace Baptist Church, Highway 129, Haleyville;

Beech Grove Baptist Church, Beech Grove Road, Haleyville;

Cross Roads Church of Christ, County Road 353 (off of Highway 13), Lynn;

Ashbank Church, County Road 59, Nauvoo;

Bethel Baptist #1 Church, County Road 12, Wilson Bend area near Arley.

The buses will be parked in these locations between routes and overnight on weekdays.  They will not be available on weekends. 

The buses will become available once the equipment is installed.


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