Black Pond VFD donates masks to Double Springs Elementary

Black Pond Fire Chief Terry Tidwell gives Double Springs Elementary Principal Heather Tucker a small portion of the 500 masks they purchased and donated to the school. Shown from left are Hubert Williams, Dawn Carroll, Tammy Williams, Jake Haynes, Tidwell, Heather Tucker, Josh Tucker, Chelsey Riddle and D.J. Riddle.

BLACK POND - Since school has started in a pandemic, and face masks are required for all students to wear, it can be tough for the younger students, as masks get dirty, they break and they are sometimes forgotten at home. The Black Pond Volunteer Fire Department saw the need and recently donated 500 disposable face masks to Double Springs Elementary School.
DSES Principal Heather Tucker met with the BPVFD Wednesday, Sept. 2, to receive the masks. The idea came from Terry Tidwell, fire chief, and others in the fire department brainstorming on what they could do to help the school.
“We decided to buy enough disposable masks for the elementary school,” Tidwell said. “Maybe later on, if things get worse, we can do it again. Maybe it will give the other fire departments incentive to do something. I feel if we have the funds, we need to try to help the school, elementary, middle or high school.”
“We get a few everyday who get to the school door, and they don’t have a mask,” Tucker explained. “They forgot it, for whatever reason. They’re little, five and six. We have a few disposable masks, but they go quick. There is no need arguing with them. We just need to fix the problem. We’re there to educate. We’re there to provide whatever they need so we can teach them. That’s the goal at the end of the day.”
DSES has approximately 350 students currently. The masks will be given on an as needed basis, so the school will have a supply on hand when they need them.


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