Police presence at Winston County High School over student's statement

DOUBLE SPRINGS - While emotions are still running high after the latest school massacre in Florida, a statement made by a student and overheard by another student was blown out of proportion on social media and through talk, resulting in a police presence at Winston County HIgh School Wednesday morning. March 7.

“There has not been a bomb threat,” confirmed Double Springs Police Chief Kim Miller in response to the student statement that was overheard. While school was in session Tuesday, March 6, one student overheard another student make the comment that “after break, they are going to carry me out of here in handcuffs tomorrow,” said Miller.  “The child was relating to the fact that someone was bullying her and she was going to beat her up if she kept on.”

However, word soon spread that guns were being brought to school, while word was posted on social media about a bomb threat, but none of that occurred, the police chief pointed out.

Word got to WCHS Principal Jeff Cole, who notified the police department. The police department came on campus to meet with the involved parents and students about the situation, with the school handling the matter from that point, Miller said. Police confirm that no crime was committed and no charges were filed in the incident. At no time were any students in danger, and school remained in session, despite numerous student check outs Wednesday , some of which resulted from parents seeing false information circulating on social media, officials said.

“Any time that a student makes any kind of statement that can be considered a threat to other students, regardless of whether it's twisted around or not, we're going to investigate it and try to get to the bottom of it,” Miller stated. “In my opinion, there was no time that any student there was in danger.”

Cole noted he appreciated everyone getting involved and keeping school officials informed, as well as the Double Springs Police Department and Winston County Sheriff's Office for their assistance.

“We all took this matter very seriously,” Cole said, noting that Superintendent Greg Pendley and Administrative Assistant Danny Springer also came to the school Wednesday to meet on the matter. “I am thankful to a lot of parents who had contacted me last night (Tuesday)  I am a pretty firm believer that if you are going to prevent violence in school in the form of a shooting, you got to do it because you have a relationship with the kids and the parents and the community where you know what is going on. This proved to me that we've got that kind of relationship.“