Double Springs disaster ready

DOUBLE SPRINGS - A disaster can be classified in many ways, from tornado damage to floods to house fires. The Town of Double Springs, through a joint partnership with the American Red Cross, has supplies ready to help people suffering from such disasters.
The Double Springs Municipal Building, located in the former National Guard Armory off of Highway 195, has a room dedicated to the Cullman, Winston and Blount chapter of the American Red Cross where the supplies are kept. Items include cots, first aid kits, basic necessities and garbage bags, among other items. A stuffed bear is noticeable in the room, which can be used to ease a young child’s fear and provide relief after living through something of that magnitude.
Previously, the red cross had the room, but decided to vacate it. However, according to Mayor Elmo Robinson, they never retrieved the supplies. Recently, the red cross has written the town asking for the room once more. As of the town council meeting Monday, March 8, the room has been contracted back to the American Red Cross. Robinson also mentioned another use the room has.
“They use it to meet with people if they’ve had a disaster,” he said. “We will enter into an agreement with them.”
“I hope and pray we never have to use it because that means we have a disaster,” Resha Darty, municipal building director, added.
Additional material covered during the March 8, meeting included naming a branch, or stream, in town.  The branch flows into Clear Creek and begins as a spring just west of Highway 195 in town. The water itself is from the aquifer from which two springs flowed, providing the namesake for the town. Resolution 2021-2 was unanimously passed at the meeting, with council member Hobby Walker making the motion and seconded by Brittney Tucker, naming it “Double Springs Branch.” The resolution and a description form have been mailed to the United States Geological Survey to officially name the branch.
In the police department, a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe known as unit 104, was declared surplus.
“The sheriff wants to purchase that,” Police Chief Kim Miller said. “It’s $5,500. The Tahoe has a smashed hood and fender on it with 110,000 miles on it.”
In the fire department, Fire Chief Brandon Lewis discussed Fire Recovery U.S.A. with the council. The company recovers money from insurance companies for those who have not paid fire dues.
“It doesn’t cost us anything up front,” Lewis said. “They get 22 percent of what they collect.
“If they don’t have insurance, we won’t even send it in,” Lewis added.
Adopting an ordinance to add this to the fire department was tabled until Attorney Jeff Mobley could get the language written and presented to the town.
The next town council meeting will be Monday, April 12, at 6 p.m. at Double Springs Town Hall.

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