Sheriff’s Office receives new vests

Shown with the new vests purchased for all officers in the Winston County Sheriff's Office are Chief Deputy Caleb Snoddy and Sheriff Horace Moore.

WINSTON COUNTY    -  New vests at the Winston County Sheriff’s Office will literally give all officers a uniform look.
The old vests, which had become worn and outdated, have now been replaced. The new vests are not only designed to protect the officers, but also provide better and additional storage capacity for the tools of their trade.
Sheriff Horace Moore explained  that he saved the past two years in order to purchase the vests from his sheriff’s office fund.  The total cost for new vests for the 10 personnel in the office being around $10,000.
“The old vests that we had were outdated. They were torn.  The would not fasten,” Moore indicated.
Moore is proud to get the new vests for his deputies to provide better safety.
“The (company from which they were purchased) came to our location and measured measured to fit the person the vest belongs to,” added Moore.
The bulletproof vests  all match, according to Moore.
“They will be identical, as far as what we are putting on the vests. We are going to be uniform,”  Moore said.
Each vest will have the name of the officer wearing the vest on the front, as well as that officer’s position on the back of the vest.
The vests will have the capacity to hold or store  all of the equipment deputies need when they respond to calls and for their daily duties, added Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Caleb Snoddy.
The vests will have the capability to store items that were stored on the officer’s belt when they were wearing the older vests. This will relieve officer’s backs and hips when they respond to calls, especially calls where more physical activity may  be involved.
Officers will  now store these items in the vests, where the items are within easier reach, according to Moore.
Snoddy added he is very grateful to  Moore for supplying vests to the officers.
“This is a huge leap in modern advancement for us, as far as being able to carry, use and access our everyday equipment,” Snoddy said.
“It’s a large step from belt-carried accessories and will greatly help our overall health and morale in the future,” he added.
“These vests are a huge upgrade in safety,” Snoddy continued. “They are very high quality and will give us a lot of protection during intense situations.”


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