Pregnant woman allegedly beaten with baseball bat

Note the wording on the baseball bat pictured above that was confiscated by the Winston County Sheriff's Office. The bat was allegedly used to beat a pregnant woman, authorities said.

WINSTON COUNTY    -  Four individuals face multiple charges after at least two vehicles were stolen, stranded on a logging road and a pregnant woman was beaten with a baseball bat then forced into a vehicle.
Radford Wayne Baugham, 33, of 5470 County Road 28, Haleyville, faces charges of assault second degree, unlawful imprisonment and two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance;
Marc Allen Pollard, 28, of Florence, charged with tampering with physical evidence;
Krystal Amber Webb, 32, of 3161 County Road 59, Lynn, charged with unlawful imprisonment and unlawful possession of a controlled substance;
Chad Ean Markham, 29, of Bear Creek, charged with receiving stolen property first degree, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and two failure to appear warrants on traffic offenses--all according to Winston County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jacob Eward.
Around 11:44 a.m. Jan. 23, Eward was contacted by Chief Deputy Caleb Snoddy in reference to a woman who had been reportedly beaten by a baseball bat on County Road 3053  an old dirt logging road in a wooded area south of Haleyville in the Booger Tree area, investigators said.
While en route, dispatchers advised law enforcement that a man had called 9-1-1 advising he needed an ambulance  at the location of 688 County Road 3053 in the Haleyville area, Eward explained.
“When I arrived on the scene, I saw a male on the ground in a driveway,” Eward said, identifying the male as Markham.
When Eward asked what was going on, Markham responded  that, “they beat her with a bat and she’s in the woods,” investigators reported.
At this point, Markham was detained and was transported to where the female, who had been beaten, was located.
“As we arrived, I saw a maroon Dodge Magnum stuck on the side of the road,” Eward recalled.  “A quarter of a mile down the road, I saw a white mini van and a blue Ford Focus also stuck in the road.”
Snoddy arrived on the scene, with sheriff’s officials finding the female who had been beaten lying on the ground behind the white mini van, investigators said.
The female reportedly told investigators that two males and a female had assaulted her, with one of the males striking her several times with a baseball bat, Eward stated.
Sheriff’s officials observed a long red mark on the female’s leg, a cylinder shaped mark on her back and swelling on the left side of her face, Eward stated.
The female noted that she and Markham were trying to get the Dodge Magnum, which was stuck in a mud hole  and the Ford Focus, which was stuck in a deep rut in the road, unstuck when two males and a female pulled up in a white mini van and threatened them, investigators said.
The female who was beaten told authorities that Markham, at this point, ran into the woods, leaving her to face her assailants, according to sheriff’s officials.  Then, one of the males grabbed her and began striking her with the baseball bat.  She was 18-weeks pregnant at the time, the victim told authorities.
After striking her several times, the male and female forced her into the mini van and forced her to sit there while they tried to get the vehicles unstuck, Eward stated.
The female victim, at this point, advised authorities that she was pregnant, indicating she was bleeding from her pubic area, so Regional Paramedical Service Ambulance was called to the scene and transported the female to Brookwood Baptist Medical Center in Jasper, authorities said.

*When a defendant is charged with a crime, the charge is merely an accusation until or unless proven guilty in a court of law.


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