Traffic pattern change for HMS

Haleyville Middle School Principal Bo Wilcoxson instructs a test driver on the proper way of maneuvering through the parking lot under the new drop off and pickup pattern of traffic.

HALEYVILLE  -The start of a new year for Haleyville City Schools on Wednesday, Aug. 8, will mean a major change in student drop offs for the middle school, not just during hectic first-day traffic, but throughout the school year.

“We are redesigning our drop offs for students in the morning and in the afternoon,” pointed out Middle School Principal Bo Wilcoxson. “The reason we  are redesigning it is safety.”
In the past, there has not been a controlled exit from the parking lot, meaning parents or guardians dropping off students in the morning - at the front door, for example - drive around and exit at the  opposite side of the school facing the high school football stadium, Wilcoxson said.


See the complete story in the Aug. 1, edition of The Northwest Alabamian.
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