Haleyville Mayor briefs city officials on severe weather possibility

HALEYVILLE - Mayor Ken Sunseri held a weather briefing for the city's department heads and officials from other key entities across the city this morning, all in advance of a potential for severe weather Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

Sunseri noted that it is the city's goal to be prepared 24/7.  Each city department has specific emergency plans, which will be enacted well in advance of any severe weather potential.  The National Weather Service in Birmingham currently has the timeline for possible severe weather for Winston County to be from 9 p.m. this evening until 3 a.m.  The majority of Winston County with the exception of the southeastern portion of the county is under an enhanced risk for severe weather, with the possibility of tornadoes and damaging winds up to 70 mph.  The southeastern portion of Winston County is under a slight risk for severe weather, with damaging winds up to 60 mph and a lower possibility of tornadoes as the potential.  All of Marion County and Franklin County are also under the enhanced risk for severe weather this evening.

The city has five storm shelters, which will all be opened in the event a Tornado Watch is issued.  Those shelters are:

  • City storm shelter - located underneath Haleyville City Hall in the parking lot behind McDonald's
  • The Scout Hut shelter - located in South Haleyville
  • The Haleyville Sports Complex/Briarwood shelter - located off of 33rd Street and Ninth Avenue
  • The Airport shelter - located at Haleyville Fire Station No. 2 near the Haleyville Air Port
  • The shelter at the Dixie Youth Ball Fields behind the Haleyville Senior Center.


Sunseri noted that if North Mississippi experiences a significant amount of tornadoes earlier in the day, the shelter underneath Haleyville City Hall may be opened earlier in the evening. 

"I'm concerned about this storm because of the timing of it,"  Sunseri stated, adding that with the storm coming through so late at night, he is worried residents may not hear any warnings that might have to be issued.

The city is working closely with Haleyville City Schools regarding the potential for any delayed opening or closing on Tuesday, as well as the potential for garbage pickup service to be delayed Tuesday morning.  Any updates on either of these subjects will be available here at mynwapaper.com.

Ashley Pool, COO of Lakeland Community Hospital, told the mayor that Lakeland is ready for the potential for severe weather this evening.

"Lakeland is fully prepared and staffed for anything needed tonight,"  Pool said.

The National Weather Service has great tips on how to be prepared for severe weather.  You can find them here.