Bear Creek virtually debt-free

Mayor Tammie Batchelor, left, goes over the town’s finances with Town Clerk Jamie Green at a recent council meeting.

BEAR CREEK - For the first time in several years, the Town of Bear Creek is clearing out all of its past due bills and consolidating its remaining debts for a quicker pay-off, thanks to a surprise $29,000 check received from a court settlement filed against the Marion County Commission.
The settlement noted that the Alabama Supreme Court upheld an earlier ruling by now-retired circuit judge John Bentley that the commission owed  $714,505.21 to be divided among all of the municipalities in Marion County.
An amendment of the hospital tax in Marion County passed in 1981 called for 50 percent of the hospital tax in Hamilton to go to the commission with the remaining 50 percent going to each county municipality based on its population, noted Cole Christopher, attorney with the Shane Cook Law Firm, which represents Bear Creek.



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