Haleyville City Schools cleared of Code Red

HALEYVILLE - Haleyville City Schools have been cleared from a Code Red lockdown after being warned of a suspicious person who might have had a weapon in the area earlier today. 

According to Haleyville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Holly Sutherland, every school immediately enacted its safety plan and the Haleyville Police Department secured the campus.

"The suspect has been identified and is in police custody,"  Sutherland said, thanking everyone for the great job they performed protecting the children, faculty and staff.

Haleyville Police Investigator Tim Steien noted that Shannon Heath Hulsey, 26, who lives on 20th Avenue behind the Chevron station just off Highway 195, had gone to a neighbor's house to pick up a BB gun and was riding a bicycle back to his house. 20th Avenue is the road that travels between the elementary and middle school campuses and comes out on 10th Avenue across from the high school campus.

“Someone saw him and thought he was going to the school,” Steien said.“He just jumped on his bike and he had a BB gun and he was going home.

“He didn't have any intention of going to the school,” Steien added.  “He got the BB gun at a neighbor's house and was going home.”

Police picked up Hulsey on misdemeanor warrants, but no charges were filed relating to any type of threat regarding the school, according to Steien.

Haleyville City Schools were under lockdown for less than 10 minutes.

Mayor Ken Sunseri thanked the school system, the Haleyville Police Department and state police for all they did to protect the children and bring the situation to a conclusion very quickly.

"We take threats seriously now.  We have to,"  Sunseri said.

When someone is accused of a crime, it is merely an accusation until or unless the defendant is proven guilty in a court of law.