Winston County Decoration Dates, 2019

Winston County Decoration Dates, 2019

Easter Sunrise (April 21):
Winston Memorial (Haleyville).

3rd Sunday in April (April 21):
Ephuesus Baptist Church (Haleyville);
Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Christ (Delmar).

4th Sunday in April (April 28):
Barnett Chapel Church (Lakeshore);
Dodd Memorial (also known as Cap Baughn) (Lynn);
Friendship Primitive Baptist Church (Rabbittown);
Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church (Double Springs);
Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church (King’s School);
North Side Baptist Church (Enmondfield);
Old Concord (Natural Bridge);
Pleasant Hill No. 2 Missionary Baptist Church (Ashridge).

Last Sunday in April (April 28):
Nesmith Methodist Church.

1st Sunday in May (May 5):
Antioch Baptist Church of Christ (Double Springs);
Ashridge Methodist Church;
Bethel Baptist Church No. 1 (Wilson Bend);
Bethel Church (Nauvoo);
Boar Tush Church (Haleyville);
Crossroads Church of Christ (Lynn);
Fairview Church (Double Springs);
Fairview Missionary Baptist Church No. 2 (Addison);
Friendship Baptist Church (Enmondfield);
Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church (Nesmith);
New Prospect Baptist Church (Haleyville);
Old Bethel (Wilson Bend);
Pisgah-Warren (Moreland);
Pleasant Hill No. 1 Community Church (Houston);
Sardis No. 1 Baptist Church (Lynn).

2nd Saturday in May (May 11):
Burdick (Houston);
Little’s (Houston).

Saturday before second Sunday in May (May 11):
Old Oak Grove/McCullar (Black Pond);
Wolfpen (Sipsey Wilderness).

2nd Sunday in May (May 12):
Arley United Methodist Church;
Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (Delmar);
County Line (Haleyville);
Double Springs Memorial (Cockrell-West);
Houston Baptist Church;
Houston Memorial United Methodist Church;
Kemp Baptist Church (Addison);
Kennedy (Arley);
Liberty Grove Missionary Baptist Church (Ashridge);
Meek Baptist Church;
New Home Missionary Baptist Church (Moreland);
New Hope Baptist Church (Kelley’s Mill);
Poplar Springs Freewill Baptist Church.

3rd Sunday in May (May 19):
Arley First Baptist Church;
Ashbank Freewill Baptist Church (Nauvoo);
Blooming Youth (Double Springs);
Curtis (Double Springs);
Enmondfield Church;
Enon Missionary Baptist Church (Lynn);
Hamner (Helicon);
Henryfield First Congregational Methodist (Double Springs);
Hickory Grove Freewill Baptist Church (Enmondfield);
Hillcrest (Haleyville);
Ingle-Wakefield (Nauvoo);
Johnson (Sipsey Wilderness);
Liberty Baptist Church (Nesmith);
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church (Haleyville);
Mt. Ararat (Nauvoo);
Mt. Ebron Baptist Church (Double Springs);
Mt. Olive (Grayson);
Rock Creek Baptist Church (Double Springs);
Tittle (Lynn);
Walker Chapel/Kidd (Haleyville);
Williams at Union Grove (Black Pond).

4th Sunday in May (May 26):
Arley Congregation  Christian Church (Robertson Chapel);
Bethlehem Baptist Church (Falls City);
Cantrell (Also known as Glover’s) (Addison);
Concord Baptist Church (Natural Bridge);
Corinth (Enmondfield);
Corinth Church (Lakeshore);
Frost (Rabbittown);
Houston Church of God;
Littleville Community (Haleyville);
Mt. Pisgah Church (Nesmith);
Rocky Plains (Nauvoo);
Sardis No. 2 Missionary Baptist Church (Addison);
Sutton (Double Springs);
Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church (Double Springs);
Williams/Everett (Houston).

Last Saturday in May (May 25):
Hadder (Addison).

1st Sunday in June (June 2):
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church (Double Springs);
Old Union Missionary Baptist Church (Nauvoo);
Pine Tucky Missionary Baptist Church (Black Pond);
Sunny Home Baptist Church (Haleyville).

2nd Sunday in June (June 9):
Corinth Heights Baptist Church (Haleyville);
Millstone Mountain Freewill Baptist Church (Lynn).

3rd Sunday in June (June 16):
Maxwell Chapel United Methodist Church (Pebble);
Philadelphia Deliverance Tabernacle (Lynn).

4th Sunday in June (June 23):
Shady Grove Church (Double Springs).

1st Sunday in July (July 7):
Nelson/Hill/Shipman (Lakeshore).