Alabamian changing with the times - consolidating to one edition in March

Rate Change Table

In the midst of a changing world, the Northwest Alabamian is making necessary changes to the way information is delivered to its readers. Effective Wednesday, Feb. 28, the Northwest Alabamian weekend edition will consolidate into a single weekly edition.  You will be receiving one paper each Wednesday, and we are discontinuing the Saturday (weekend) edition.

As newsprint and the mailing cost for delivery - two of a newspaper’s greatest expenses - continue to rise, the number of available advertisers - typically a newspaper’s greatest source of revenue - has steadily declined.  Meanwhile, other businesses are struggling to make ends meet.  The internet, in particular, has also changed the ways business is conducted.  Even car dealers sell automobiles from the internet, and they are normally very good advertisers.  This combination and other items have forced the measures that are now being taken.

Although readers will now have to wait a bit longer for each edition of their paper, interconnecting the two papers into one will make for a thicker, stronger publication.  We have launched a new, modern website ( to fill in the gaps between each Wednesday edition.  The new website has breaking news as it happens.  Check our new website out! To offset the extra time between editions, plans are underway to introduce alternative mediums to provide more timely news updates, including our website, which is mentioned above.  Some more developments will include the print in the newspaper, which will be larger and easier to read.

While the weekly newspaper will continue to provide the news that traditional readers have come to expect, we also have plans to raise the bar on the quality of the news for our Wednesday edition.

The new media under development will look to offer the accurate and trusted news coverage to those more accustomed to getting their information from new or faster technologies in print and on the website.

With these changes, the newspaper plans to meet readers halfway through making some subscription rate changes.  The good news is individual papers should see a significant increase in content and size.

Still, it will be cheaper buying one newspaper than two from our newsstands.  Likewise, subscriptions to the paper will actually see a decrease in cost.  Furthermore, current subscribers will receive additional months of the Northwest Alabamian at no charge.

For those who recently subscribed or renewed their subscriptions to the paper at the older, higher rate in November, December, January or February, an additional three months will be added to their subscription at no charge.   Anyone whose subscription comes due in July, August, September or October will have an additional two months prorated.  For subscriptions due in April, May or June, one additional month will be added.

For those who have paid for multiple years in advance, three months will be added for each remaining year in addition to months pro-rated as above. For any questions or concerns regarding accounts, please call Debbie Bates or Martha Burleson at the Northwest Alabamian, 205-486-9461, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

These are both sad and exciting times as we move forward.


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