Damaged culvert troublesome to residents

The large hole at the culvert on County Road 3953 is several feet deep, with a portion of the road missing.

DOUBLE SPRINGS - Residents of County Road 3953, just west of County Road 41 in Arley, are seeking help from the Winston County Commission on a damaged culvert. The residents appeared at the WCC meeting Monday, July 8.
The spokesperson for the residents, Keith Cochran, gave some background information concerning this.
“We’re trying to extend the county right-of-way maybe 200 yards from where it is currently,” Cochran said. “The county right-of-way ends where at one time the houses were.” Presently, there has been development in the area, where houses have been built past the end of the road point.
“(The right-of-way) crosses through three or four different landowners property and affects about five other houses now. We’re simply trying to get the county to extend that right-of-way so they can help us maintain it. There’s a culvert that needs replacing, so we’re trying to get the county’s help to replace it.”


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