Panorama Study Club taking gourmet apple orders

DOUBLE SPRINGS - The Panorama Study Club in Double Springs is currently taking orders for gourmet apples, which will be ready just in time for Valentine's Day.

Apples will be $10 apiece and will come in the following:

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate w/pecans

White Chocolate

White Chocolate w/pecans

Apples will be purchased fresh from the farmer's market the weekend before they are made.  All apples are wrapped in caramel before being dipped in chocolate, with pecans added if desired.

All gourmet apples will be ready for pickup Feb. 10-11.  To order, see any Panorama Study Club member.  Proceeds will go to help the Panorama Study Club of Double Springs with all of their community projects.

See complete story in the Northwest Alabamian.
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