Alabama severe weather tax-free holiday this weekend

WINSTON/MARION - Alabama is no stranger to severe storms. Alabamians take the threat of severe weather seriously, which is why this weekend is so important.
The annual Alabama Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday will be observed Friday, Feb. 21, from 12:01 a.m., through midnight, Feb. 23. During this time, certain emergency preparedness items will be exempt from the state’s four percent sales tax. Many counties and municipalities also participate by waiving their sales tax during this period. Local municipal or county taxes that will be waived include the following:
• Addison;
• Arley;
• Double Springs;
• Haleyville;
•Marion County;
• Natural Bridge;
• Nauvoo;
• Phil Campbell and
• Winston County.

The towns of Bear Creek and Lynn will not waive their sales taxes for the holiday.
Winston County Emergency Management Director Jimmy Madison stresses that this weekend will be a great time for local residents to prepare for Winston County’s unpredictable weather.
“I encourage everybody to stock up on emergency supplies in their homes, workplaces and vehicles. Make preparing for severe weather one of your top priorities,” Madison said.
Madison noted that many items - from larger-ticket items to some that may not be considered until they are needed - will be available tax-free.
“Flashlights, first aid kits and cell phone chargers can be purchased this weekend. Family radio walkie-talkies, can openers, things you can use when the power goes out. Tarps, drapes, anything to cover and secure your home,” Madison listed.
Fire extinguishers and generators under $1,000 are also going to be tax exempt, Madison noted.
Madison stated that replacing smaller severe weather supplies this weekend would also be a smart idea.
“If you have old batteries you purchased last year, it may be time to rotate those because they do go bad after awhile,” Madison said.
Other tax-exempt items this weekend are lanterns, battery-powered or hand-crank radios, first-aid kits, duct tape, tie-down kits, bungee cords or rope, coolers, ice packs, plywood, window film and smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors.
For a full list of tax-free items, go to


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