Prisoners are still humans

I read with interest a letter in the Alabamian editorials recently, the editorial about prisons.  I would like to add to it, if I may.
There are so many prisons in the United States, I will not attempt to get their numbers down on paper.  Just know there are enough prisons to house over two million inmates here in the states and more prisons outside the states.  For the most part, we the taxpayers shoulder all the expenses, the needs of these humans in prisons.  We pay for their shelter, every stitch of clothing they wear, all their medical bills, their hair cuts, toilet articles, bedding, pillows, the things are countless.  
Many prisons are privately owned by corporations.  Their main objective is to make money.  It is a multi-million dollar business.  They do pay for some of the needs of the inmates, but get a stipend from us, taxpayers.
I looked this up before I set it down on paper.  They say the amount of money to keep one inmate imprisoned for one year is $40,000.  For some it’s as much as $60,000 per year.  People get sick and die in prisons every day.  I could go on about the money involved in keeping non-violent souls under lock and key, but I won’t.  It is on the computer, if one is interested.
We need to remember prisoners are human in the first place.  When you think of the money spent on non-violent prisoners, seems that something needs to change.  Someone needs to look at the possibility of educating some of these non-violent people.  Think, at $40,000 each year for each prisoner what might could be realized toward rehabilitation of many inmates.  If we just keep building prisons there will be no change.  It will mean more and more responsibility will be laid on the taxpayers backs. That’s you and me.
I am praying for our country and for the president of our country.

Nadine Hood Overstreet


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