Grant sought to help Haleyville’s public housing locations

Jordan Street, home of Jordan Street Apartments, has been described as among the worst roads in Haleyville’s public housing areas that would benefit from the grant, if it’s received.

HALEYVILLE         -  The City of Haleyville is partnering with the Haleyville Water Department for a $500,000 grant to cover the costs of a much-needed project at housing authority locations affecting 400-500 residents.
The three housing authority locations to be affected by the project are Newburg Road Apartments and Carl Elliott Heights, Armory Drive apartments and Jordan Street apartments, where roads are showing deterioration, city officials stressed.
The city is applying for a Community Development Block Grant, with the total project cost projected at $710,000, according to city officials. The city will provide $155,354, and the water department will provide $54,734, in matching funds, said Haleyville Mayor Ken Sunseri.
Recently, Sunseri and City Engineer Calvin Cassady met with the Alabamian to discuss the need for the project.
“This is something we have worked on for a long time,” Sunseri added. “It’s important that we assist the people in the housing authority.  It’s a project that’s well overdue, and it’s been a priority for several years.

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