Senior citizen account gets funded

LYNN - The Town of Lynn met at their regularly scheduled meeting Monday, Nov. 19, at the old town hall.

The first topic to be discussed were low funds in the senior citizen account. Last March, the town transferred $2,000 into the account.

“Go ahead and get enough to do a whole year,” Council Member Earl Gilbert said. “That way, we only have to come back and do it once a year.”

After a short discussion, $3,000 was decided as the amount to transfer. Gilbert made a motion with Tommy Chambless, council member, seconding.

At one point a few years ago, the town did not meet criteria for a government funded senior citizen account through NACOLG, due to having too few people. The town then decided to fund their own senior citizen account.

Senior citizens meet a couple times per week at the fire station and pay a donation toward a meal, which helps the account as well.

Moving on to the next topic of the meeting, Mayor Jeff Stokes brought to the attention of those present about year-end bonuses, or supplements, to town employees.

“Last year, we did a one-time supplement salary for the employees for Thanksgiving,” Stokes said, with $50 per employee being given at that time.

When it was mentioned this will be for Christmas too, it was decided each employee should receive $100 as a bonus since the town is in good financial shape. Chambless made a motion to give $100 to each employee, with Gilbert seconding.

With no other business at hand, the meeting adjourned.

The next town meeting will be Monday, Dec. 17, at 6 p.m. at the old town hall.

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