Addison High School Band gets new uniforms

Four of Addison’s band members show off their new uniforms, of which 50 were ordered and received. (Courtesy photo)

ADDISON - This fall, spectators at Addison High School football games will see the snappy brand new uniforms the band ordered and received. In colors of black and white and the school colors of blue and gold, the new uniforms give the band an updated look.
Fifty uniforms were ordered from Stanbury Uniforms out of Brookfield, Mo., on Dec. 8, 2020, with them arriving Feb. 24. The total amount came to $23,720, and the students put in years of hard work to be able to purchase them by fundraisers. The Bulldog band also received help from the community.
“With the help of community members, businesses within the Town of Addison, large donations from state legislators and even one out of state donation for $5,000, the Bulldog band was able to have this dream come true,” Band Director Garrett McCurley stated. “We are truly blessed to have a community who supports our cause and wants to help us grow and succeed in everything we do.”
“I am so proud of what all we have accomplished through these last few years to get to this point,” Jadyn Woodard, trumpet section leader, said. “You can see how much dedication and hard work goes into this and how many great things can come out of it when you put your mind to it. I cannot wait to showcase these uniforms on the field this coming year and really show out.”
Annsley Nuss, senior drum major, is graduating this year, so she will not get to wear the new ones much.
“We’re truly blessed, coming from 11 members to a whole new band of 40, and looking the part in just two years, is absolutely incredible,” Nuss said. “I’m so excited for the younger band members who get to use these for years to come.”


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