Tourism Department gives $100,000 for Looney’s Tavern restoration project

J.D. Snoddy, president of the Winston County Arts Council, shows work in progress to replace rotted steps leading from the top parking lot at the Looney’s Tavern complex down to the former concession stand area and amphitheater.

LAKESHORE       -  The former Looney’s Tavern complex - located off of Highway 278 east of Double Springs in the Lakeshore area -  is gradually coming back to life, as more and more donations are being made toward renovations - including  $100,000  allotted by the Alabama Department of Tourism this past week.
J.D. Snoddy, president of the Winston County Arts Council, which purchased the 13-acre complex in October, submitted the Alabamian’s coverage of the purchase to the Alabama Department of Tourism, which prompted the donation, he said.
Lee Sentell, director of the Alabama Department of Tourism, sent Snoddy an email that he would donate $25,000 toward the project, Snoddy explained.  A week later, Sentell contacted Snoddy that he would instead send a check for $100,000, Snoddy pointed out.
“We are thankful for that, but we are also thankful for every donation we have got,” Snoddy stated. “We wouldn’t be anywhere without the help of the people of Winston County and surrounding counties.”
That donation helps bring the total raised  for the Looney’s restoration project to $200,000--including $5,000 from the Haleyville City Council, $10,000 from the Double Springs City Council, $1,000 from the Northwest Alabama Arts Council and $300 from the Winston County Retired Teachers Association.
It has been estimated that renovation costs could be as high as $500,000, according to Winston County Arts Council members.
Snoddy and his wife, Theresa - who is  vice president  of the Winston County Arts Council -  were special guests at the Thursday, Dec. 8, meeting of the Winston County Retired Teacher Association, held at First National Bank in Haleyville, where J.D. announced the $100,000 funding.



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