Haleyville School Board elects officers for new year

From left, Haleyville Board of Education Vice President Steve Stott, President Barry Burleson and Superintendent Dr. Holly Sutherland.
During the May meeting each year, the board elects new officers to serve for the coming year. As board secretary, Dr. Sutherland opened the floor for nominations for board president, with member Steve Stott recommending Barry Burleson, who is completing a term in that office from this past year. Board member Beth McAlpine nominated Burleson, seconded by Kris Burleson. Board members voting in favor were McAlpine, Kris Burleson, Donna Jones and Stott, with Burleson abstaining from the vote. The vote carried by majority. Dr. Sutherland then called for recommendations for board vice president. Both Barry Burleson and McAlpine recommended Stott. Making the motion was McAlpine, seconded by Barry Burleson. Board members voted in favor except Stott who abstained, so the vote carried by majority. “I am excited that Mr. Burleson and Mr. Stott will continue their leadership roles with the board,” Dr. Sutherland said.

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