HHS cross country teams are state qualifiers

Haleyville High School runners, from left, Kaytee Beth Boyles and Aly Donaldson. Boyles finished 4th in the 4A ladies division, while Donaldson was 10th. Mae Boyles, not shown, finished in 6th place.

The Haleyville boys cross country team finished third in sectionals this past week, while the girls finished in second place in the 4A classification. The teams will be traveling the Oakville Indian Mounds, in Moulton, Saturday for state competition.
Results for the ladies division were:
1. Bijou Phillips, Good Hope-21:04.84
2. Theresa Billman, American Christian, 21:11.20
3. Isabella Lovvorn, American Christian, 21:12.66
4. Kaytee Beth Boyles, Haleyville, 22:21.52
5. Madison Isbell, American Christian, 22:42.93
6.Mae Boyles, Haleyville, 22:43.21
7. Hannah Hajek, American Christian, 22:53.53
8. Taylor Stroud, Northside, 22:58.91
9. Kristin Hobson, American Christian, 23:02.80
10. Aly Donaldson, Haleyville, 23:05.75
Team Points for the top four were:
1. American Christian
2. Haleyville
3. Good Hope
4. West Blocton
Results for the men’s division in 4A were:
1. Chase Callahan, Sipsey Valley, 17:27.63
2. Tristan Carter, Haleyville, 17:46.54
3. Landon Price, Sipsey Valley, 17:50.90
4. Mason Worrell, Northside, 17:58.46
5. John Bridges, American Christian, 18:03.55
6. Nick Gould, American Christian, 18:21.14
7. Wren Cole, Danville, 18:27.43
8. Clark Thomason, American Christian, 18:41.19
9. Dave Thomason, American Christian, 18:42.62
10. Lewis Barber, Haleyville, 18:44.88
The top four team points included:
1. American Christian
2. Northside
3. Haleyville
4. Sipsey Valley.
Cross Country coaches are Lisa Cook and Elyse Aldridge.



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