Hiker Trash: a man who does not fit in

Hiker Trash/Sonny/Eb/Nimblewill Nomad/M.J. Eberhart tells a tale from the trail.

DOUBLE SPRINGS - There is a man who does not fit in, a man who has no home, a man who has no property - just a six pound pack on his back. He is a man who has walked literally thousands of miles.
His name is M.J. “Sonny” Eberhart, and he came to speak with the Sipsey Wilderness Hiking Club Tuesday, Dec. 4. He is also known as Nimblewill Nomad. His given name on the hiking trail is Hiker Trash.
An armed forces veteran and three-time published author, this 80-year-old man is a retired doctor, and after spending years in examination rooms, he decided to embark on the Appalachian Trail.
“I don’t have a life folks. I’m what has become known as a free spirit.”
“I’ve lived out of the back of a pickup for the last number of years because most of the time I had a backpack on.
“To me, a short hike is no shorter than say three months, probably anything less than 1,000 miles.”


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