Vandals strike Hillcrest Cemetery in Haleyville

Vases are toppled on graves at Hillcrest Cemetery in Haleyville after what police believe was an intentional act of vandalism.

HALEYVILLE - A resident taking time to visit her grandparents’ graves in Haleyville July 6, was greeted with a saddening sight instead.

Debby Wooten went to Hillcrest Cemetery in Haleyville to find the vase filled with flowers in the center of her grandparents’ double tombstone lying on the ground instead, broken at the base.  She also found vases on surrounding graves had been knocked loose from the tombstones, lying toppled on the ground.

“It made me mad,”  Wooten said.  “It upset me that someone could do something like this.”
Wooten went farther back into the cemetery to make sure her great-great-grandparents’ graves were OK and, thankfully, found that they were.  She then contacted police.

Upon arrival at the cemtery, Haleyville Police noticed between 8-10 tombstones that appeared to have been possibly vandalized, Haleyville Police Chief Kyle Reogas noted.

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