Running Lions finish well in Jesse Owens classic

Haleyville’s top three boys. Pictured from left are: Logan Smith, Lewis Barber, Gracen Smith

By Kathy Barber
Special to the Alabamian
DANVILLE - The Haleyville High School  Running Lions competed in The Jesse Owens XC Classic Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 5, in Danville. This is one of the largest races in the state with teams from four states competing. Runners numbering 3,767 completed the course.
Traffic was so congested that some spectators, as well as teams themselves, had to park a mile away on the side of the road and walk the course to make it in time for the races. Luckily our teams made it to the competition early.  
Teams were divided into school size with gold being the largest, then silver, bronze, red and green.   Haleyville competed in the bronze division. Boys finished 28th out of 44 teams,  with top finishers being Lewis Barber, Logan Smith, Gracen Smith, William Robins and Hayden Armstrong.  
The girls finished 20th out of 30 teams, with top finishers being Kaytee Beth Boyles, Mae Boyles, Carlie Pendley, Ana Aaron and Laniela Largo.
Haleyville will next compete in the Northwest Alabama Championship on Thursday, Oct. 24, in Oakville.
5000 Meter Run
Katie Beth Boyles - 23:28.14, 81st
Mae Boyles - 23:54.67, 94th
Carlie Pendley - 24:19.87, 113th
Ana Aaron - 25:13.39, 139th
Daniela Largo - 25:49.15, 162nd
Emma Nethery - 25:54.86, 166th
Madison Baker - 30:17.53, 265th
Aynelise Vickery - 31:43.37, 279th
Holly Flippo - 33:49.01, 295th
5000 Meter Run
Lewis Barber - 18:35.43, 88th
Logan Smith - 18:47.53, 107th
Gracen Smith - 18:50.60, 113th
William Robins - 21:26.54, 322nd
Hayden Armstrong - 22:37.86, 381st
Kyler Handley - 23:15.96, 423rd
Nathan Boyles - 24:00.75, 456th
Brett Godsey - 25.21.17 482nd
Malachi Carroll - 25:34.32, 490th
Bryant Bacu - 26:02.99, 496th
Jay Marbutt - 27:42.22, 516th

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