Haleyville High School's senior play public performance is Saturday

HALEYVILLE - The Haleyville High School Class of 2020 would like to say "Thanks for the Memories", so much so that this is the title for the class' senior play, which will be performed for the public Saturday, March 14, at 7:30 p.m. in the Haleyville Elementary School cafetorium.

The play opens with members of the 2020 class digging up a time capsule they had buried when they were third graders at Haleyville Elementary School.  The time capsule brings back a ton of memories for the seniors which, of course, leads to singing, dancing and a lot of fun.

Seniors will be remembering iconic TV shows, music and movies, sure to bring back fond memories for many in the audience, too.

Tickets are $8, with proceeds benefiting the senior class. 

The following is a cast list for this year's play.  Students' names are listed first followed by their character's names, if given:

Molly Gilbert - Neina Middleton;

Halle Tolbert - Beth Townsend;

Brantson Lambert - Davey Reed;

Carley Brazell

Ty Black

Anna Lacy Sartin

Josh Weaver

Jackson Kennedy

Shelby Shipman

Mae Boyles

Kindergarten scene:

Samara Pratt - Jenny Haughton;

Laura Lunsford - LeeAnne Kiser;

Caleb Williams - kindergartner;

Trent McNutt - kindergartner;

Rylie Morris - kindergartner;

Erin Morris - kindergartner;

Gracie Long - kindergartner;

Rudy Mendoza - kindergartner/Justin Bieber;

Dance Moms skit:

Annie Sadler - Abby Lee;

Emma Allen, Halle Tolbert, Molly Gilbert, Reagan Kutis, Madison Caine and Mallory Rushing - Abby Lee Dancers;

Molly Cain, Olivia Harris, Samara Pratt and Faith Ann Smith - Dance Moms;

Anna Lacy Sartin and Eli Wakefield - Haleyville Cheerleaders;

Anna Aaron, Tia Lauderdale, Melina Ward, Erin Morris and Eli Dodd - Narrator;

Clay Blanton, Brantson Lambert, Grayson Long, NickWhitman, Eli Dodd, Eli Wakefield and Brandon Long - Boys' Basketball Team;

Eli Dodd, Dawson Wakefield, Nick Whitman and Eli Wakefield - Rock Band;

Gabe Engle - Singer;

Olivia Harris - Steve Harvey;

Josh Weaver - Sharquisha Labisha;

Eli Wakefield - Tatiaha Blue Face;

Dawson Hyde - Kotton Kandi Kane;

Nick Whitman - Britney Love;

Ryan Baccus - Bertha "Big Mouth" Beulah Jones;

Sound crew members will be John Mark Mayhall and Tristan Lyon.



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