Naylor new Addison Elementary principal

Sharon Naylor

ADDISON - Sharon Hood Naylor, Addison native, Addison High  graduate and teacher at Addison schools with a career spanning 21 years, has been named the new principal of Addison Elementary School.
Formerly a reading coach, she was selected by the Winston County Board of Education effective Thursday, July 9.
Naylor’s goal is to have all students reach their potential, whatever area that potential may be in.
“As a classroom teacher, it’s seeing every student reach their highest potential regardless of what that is. We’re in elementary and preparing students to move to the high school in the secondary level, and people don’t think much of careers being an issue in elementary. We see kids here who are going to be good traditional students. We see kids who are going to be good technical students. I believe in pushing them to be as successful as they can be in whatever area they need to. That begins here.”
The 2020-21 school year will be a tough year for teachers and school officials as they battle COVID-19 and keeping kids safe and in school, whether traditionally or virtual.
“This is going to be the year of all years,” Naylor said. “It’s definitely a challenge. The teachers are willing to do whatever it takes to make their students successful. That’s the key. It’s going to be a challenge for parents and teachers. It’s the unknown, changing from day to day. We will do everything we can to keep students safe and provide their education so they’ll be well-prepared in the future.”
Naylor also mentioned that even though a plan has been created for the school, it can be changed on a daily basis, with new information from the local and state superintendents. Teachers are already working on plans and ideas on how to make it work.
“I’ve worked with the staff all these years, and I know they’re going to rise to the challenge.”
She mentioned the difficulty of this especially with kindergarten, first and second grades.
“The state has provided a platform for us to utilize, and we’re fortunate we have access to a lot of technology at AES. I feel like we will make it work. These kids are like family to us, and we’ll make sure they are getting what they need.”
Naylor’s family has lived in the area for years, and she is on a first-name basis with the people of Addison.
“I’ve lived (in Addison) my entire lifetime, and most of my family is from here,” Naylor said. “It’s a great little community, a small town. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. This is where my heart is. It’s home.”



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