Lynn purchases 14-foot tall Christmas tree

LYNN - Christmas season came early this year to the Town of Lynn when the council agreed to purchase a 14-foot tall Christmas tree, decked with 435 light-emitting diode lights, during their monthly town meeting on Monday, Sept. 21. The artificial tree plans on being used for many years as the official town Christmas tree.
The self-standing panel tree has a base of eight feet in diameter and was purchased from Temple Display in Oswego, Ill., at a price of $4,776.05. It arrived in Lynn Thursday, Oct. 1, in sections which will later be constructed at a yet-to-be-determined location. The usual location for a Christmas tree is in front of the old town hall, but it is not certain if it can go there, due to the newly constructed basketball court. Ornaments and a star was purchased to go on the tree.
“The guy I talked to said what most people do is put sandbags (at the base to anchor it),” Marcia Manasco, city clerk, stated.
“If we pay this much money for it, we don’t want a storm to come through and blow it off over yonder in the cemetery,” Manasco added. “If we get it, we’re going to take care of it.”
The motion to purchase the tree was made by Tommy Chambless and seconded by Chris Little with all in favor.


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