Lynn Water Works needs new telemetry system

LYNN - The Lynn town council met Monday, Dec. 21, to discuss the purchase of a new telemetry system for the water works department. Joey Bell, water department manager, brought the council up-to-date on the problems the old system is having.
A telemetry system is developed to send messages, whether wired or not, on things which need monitoring. For the purpose of the system at Lynn, the device sends calls to Bell when things go wrong, such as water leaks. He has been receiving these messages when nothing is wrong.
The cost of a new system is about $25,000, and Bell is looking into a grant for it. Before the town pays for the new system, they are tabling the matter until next month in the hopes Bell can obtain the grant.
In other news, the town is amending Resolution 2020-21 concerning Pace Industries acquiring additional land. The amendment will reflect Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s requirement to include the acreage size of the land used for waste disposal instead of the total amount purchased. The new acreage listed in the resolution will be 20.91 acres instead of the original 35.
A cutter was approved for purchase for the new mini excavator in the amount of $5,200. Radios were approved for the fire department in the amount of $14,725.
“We will be reimbursed through the CARES Act,” Mayor Earl Gilbert stated. “We’ve already gotten reimbursed for the LUCAS machine,” he mentioned of the new CPR device.
Bryan Kirkpatrick, chief of police, notified the council he is having a computer and external hard drive problem. He has found a refurbished one for $407.99, though the council approved a spending limit of $1,500 for a new one if Kirkpatrick chose to do this instead.
Dates were changed for the January and February council meetings due to holidays. The council will next meet Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. at the old town hall. The meeting after is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 16.

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