Thankful for the U.S. Postal Service

The U.S. Post Office has been important to me throughout my whole life.  I am thankful for its service.
In the ‘50s, I was in public school in Michigan, wrote to my grandmother in Alabama weekly, she reciprocated.  When I lived in California, wrote ot my mother in Alabama weekly detailing the progress of my three young sons; she wrote back giving details of her life on the farm and kept me updated on the relatives.  This was our Facebook.  My parents had no phone.  Photos were sent in the mail.
Before the internet, we could order from a vast array of goods from the Sears catalog (the Wish book), from shoes to washing machines.  They were delivered by mail or to a local outlet.  Farmers still depend on the post office:  ordering baby chicks in the spring, you can hear the peeping on shipping days around Easter.
Daffodils are my passion, as well as my sister’s.  Our joy was receiving a shipment of an assortment of daffodils from White Flower Farm in Connecticut.  We planted them on our farm; they have multiplied through the years.  We share the flowers and bulbs with others, when blooming taking a bouquet to the post office or leaving it in the mailbox for our Melinda; who delivers the mail through rain, storms and hot weather.  One of the most dangerous driving jobs in the nation is being a letter carrier.
Correspondence was and is the hallmark of the postal service.  On cleaning my mother’s house after her passing, I found long letters from family.  A memorable courting letter to my mother from my father:  who knew?  A letter was fro a cousin in Alabama to my father in Michigan detailing the passing of his father.  Bills were paid by mail then as now.  Taxes were paid by mail.  Email is very popular to send personal messages, but I still prefer to send birthday cards, holiday cards through the mail.  Invitations were sent to over 15 cousins in several states for my sister’s 90th birthday celebration.
Through this vast volume of mail, only once was something “lost” in the mail.  I suspect that it was never sent.
My hobby is sewing.  I am currently repairing a shirt for my son in California.  When finished, I will mail it to his home, along with two cushion covers.
We are subscribers to the Northwest Alabamian and have always received our papers promptly and on time.
Daily mail delivery was and is the highlight of my day.  I certainly have no complaints about the U.S. Postal Service.  Thank you to the Postal Service personnel.

Betty Davis Hooper
Double Springs


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