Residents speak out regarding horrible well water

This jug of water was collected from a well at a residence along County Road 25.

WINSTON COUNTY - Residents on County Road 25 are bringing their pleas once again to the ears of county officials along with pictures of bottles and bathtubs filled with brown murky water, showing the dilemma they face from bad well water.
These residents are making the request, a request that has been echoed in past years, to be hooked onto a town’s water system.
Kenneth and Teresa Kent, 8371 County Road 25, approached Winston County Commission Chairman Roger Hayes and Commissioners David Cummings and Bobby Everett at the commission’s Monday, June 11, meeting, seeking answers on what the commission could do to help relieve their situation.The Kent family has had problems with well water since they moved into their residence in 2003, they said.
“When we moved there in 2003, the guy was catching rainwater out of a gutter. That’s how bad the water was,” Kent explained. “It wouldn’t sustain us. The 500-gallon (well) would go dry, so we drilled a second well.
“There was a 500-gallon holding tank that was catching rain water and that was how we were pumping water into the house,” Kenneth added.
“You can’t clean and use dirty water,” Teresa pointed out.  The well on the property became unusable because of high levels of iron in the water, the Kents stated.




See the complete story in the June 20, 2018, edition of The Northwest Alabamian.
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