Legacy bricks on sale for HHS project

From left, back, student Dylan Kutis, HHS Principal Dr. Erika McCoy, students Jay Cook, Rosa Esparza and Instructor Jamie White. Front, students Trent McNutt and Graham Long.

HALEYVILLE - Haleyville City Schools has always had a strong tradition of pride and excellence, and now those characteristics will be displayed in a public project, selling legacy bricks to build a walkway to the high school’s centerpiece--its lion mascot.
“We knew it would be another way of honoring the traditions of Haleyville High School,” noted High School Principal Dr. Erika McCoy. “This place is so rich in tradition and means so much to our community and previous graduates and future graduates.”
Taking ideas from similar projects in other areas-such as paver bricks inscribed in honor or memory of alumni--school officials developed this project, which would be a partnership not only with the community but the drafting class of Jamie White, which will do the inscriptions on the bricks.
“That’s what so profound about this project is  it does not fade away,” Dr. McCoy said. “These bricks will be there for years and years to come.”
The paver bricks are being sold in two sizes--a 12X12 for $50 and a 4X8 for $35.
The public can also add the inscription of a lion head to the brick and a paw, each for an additional $5.
The brick can also have any inscription that the person purchasing the brick chooses in honor or memory of any teacher, administrator, alumni from the community.
Paver brick application forms can be found on the high school’s Facebook page as well as at the high school main office, center of technology office or central office, Dr. McCoy said.
The application also gives space for the one purchasing the brick to put name, number, address, mark the size and extras wanted for the brick, mark whether paying by cash or check then give the design or text for the brick.
There is no deadline for purchasing the bricks, since this is an ongoing project to add paver bricks  to form a walkway from the sidewalk in front of the cafeteria all the way to the lion mascot statue area.


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