A home place full of memories goes up in flames

Shirley Griffith and her brother J.C. Farris, stand at the site of a home place full of memories. Their brother Garland Farris safely made it out of the burning home early Saturday, Dec. 7.

LYNN   - The fire at an old family home place meant a great sentimental loss to a Lynn family, who are thankful the occupant made it safely out of the burning structure early Saturday, Dec. 7.
Garland Farris was sleeping in the old wooden house while he was visiting family over the weekend, when he woke to a loud noise around 2:30 a.m.
“He woke up to something popping real loud,” Garland’s sister Shirley Griffith, who lives nearby, said. “Smoke had already filled the house.”
Garland was able to escape with his bag of possessions he brought with him from Fair Hope, and went to the residence of his sister Annelle who also lives nearby on the family land.
The fire was first spotted in the attic area of the home but soon spread to consume the residence.
 Garland called emergency 9-1-1, and Lynn, Haleyville and Delmar fire departments came to the scene along with Regional Paramedical Service ambulance, who checked out Garland on the scene.
The wood frame house, with vinyl siding and tin roof located on County Road 303, was built around 1967 by Grady Farris, who lived there with his wife Clara.
The house was relocated from the old family home place site  to its present location around 1974, family members said.
Clara passed away in 1998, and Grady in 2018, after which time the house was temporarily occupied by family members who would visit.
The house contained many memories for family members, including some family pictures on the wall that were lost in the blaze. However, family members have copies of these pictures, Shirley said.
Also lost in the fire was some furniture that had belonged to Grady and Clara. 

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