Drawing for campsites at Twin Forks Park is Thursday

BEAR CREEK - Anticipation for the reopening of Twin Forks Park is growing, as the drawing for campsites this Thursday, Feb. 11, will open the door for campers to begin choosing their sites, but under some different rules this year.
The drawing, which  will be at 6 p.m. at the Bobby Bishop Community Center, will allow campers to draw numbers, indicating the order in which they can choose their camping spots, noted Twin Forks Campgrounds Manager Melissa Taylor.
As the prospective campers enter, they will draw a number which indicates the order in which they will select a camping spot. Rules for campers will also be reviewed Thursday night.
A camper, who draws the number 1, for example, will be the first one to pick a campsite. The camper who draws 20, will be 20th in line to choose a spot, she continued.
Prices will be $350 a month for waterfront spots, $300 for non-waterfront spots, or $25 a day for campsites with power and/or water, Taylor explained.
Primitive camping spots for tents only without power or water, will be $15 a day.
Twin Forks has 82 camping sites with power and water, with an additional 28 primitive spots, Taylor explained.
During the drawing, only 62 spots will be available,  since the remaining 20 spots  must be kept open for daily or weekend campers, she added.
Campers are not required to pay fees at the drawing. All camping fees must be paid on March 1 by 6 p.m. or the closing time of the park.
“They don’t have to have their camper in there that day, but payment has to be made that day,” Taylor stated.
If payments are not made by the closing of the park on March 5, a $25 late fee will be applied, according to Taylor.
No cash payments will be allowed.  Only checks, money orders, debit or credit cards will be accepted, employees said.
Once Twin Forks reopens to the public March 1, hours will be Sunday through Wednesday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Hours for Thursday through Saturday will be  9 a.m. until 7 p.m.  These hours were approved by the Bear Creek Town Council during a recent meeting.
Although the park has set hours, the main gates will not be locked for liability purposes.  However, police will be doing routine patrols in the area and into the campsites if needed, stressed Bear Creek Police Chief Kenny Hallmark.
Quiet time will be observed from 10:30 p.m. until 6 a.m., according to Taylor.
“Respect your campers and neighbors,” she said.
The town council voted in a November 2020, meeting to close Twin Forks  Dec. 1-March 1, in order for  needed renovations and maintenance to be done, an annual event.
During the closure, limbs and fallen trees are being removed, brush and wild growth burned, any broken fixtures repaired or replaced at campsites and new signs erected, including in the primitive camping section.
Another sign being erected is to  remind motorists not to park on the grass in the area of the office, Taylor continued.
The bath house facilities are also being painted, she noted.

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