End grocery sales tax

Brent Addleman, the associate editor of The Center Square, a project of the Franklin News Foundation (info@franklinnews. org), has announced that two Alabama legislators have filed bills to end sales tax on groceries. Representative Mike Holmes and Senator Andrew Jones have introduced two separate bills to eliminate the sales tax that everyone pays, be rich or poor.
Alabama Policy Institute president and CEO Caleb Crosby says Alabama remains only one of thirteen states that levies the grocery sales tax on its citizens even though Montgomery is flush with cash.
These bills are in committee but Representative Holmes’ bill will merely need only ratification by the legislature and (to be) signed by Governor Ivey. The Senator Jones bill would require a vote in November to implement a constitutional amendment.
To make up for the revenue loss to the State, several options exist. One plan would eliminate the state income tax deduction of federal taxes paid for the state's 5% most wealthy individuals. And there would also be the option of a state lottery--no casinos. Imagine buying $100 in groceries, and instead of paying sales tax, picking up $2.00 lottery tickets.
Since this sales tax puts the heaviest burden on poor people, its time our legislators stand up and take action.
I urge all the readers of this newspaper and their friends and family to contact the legislators and Governor Ivey. I applaud the Northwest Alabamian management and staff for regularly publishing the list of addresses and phone numbers of our legislators.

Donald Carpenter
Double Springs


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