Winston BOE votes not to renew some faculty and staff members' contracts

WINSTON COUNTY       -  Difficult personnel decisions, including the non-renewal of several non-tenured teachers, are being made by school officials as another school year soon draws to a close.
The Winston County Board of Education in their regular meeting Tuesday, April 26, voted on several key personnel items, along with a $1 million project, providing much needed paving for schools throughout the system.
Concerning personnel, the board voted to non-renew the following for the upcoming school year:
Lee Ellis, Alissa Shewbart, both science teachers Winston County High School; Timothy Baron Steele, science teacher, Billy Joel Dill, math teacher, both at Lynn High School; Alexandria James, teacher at Double Springs Elementary; Douglas Moore, math teacher, Emily Baker, custodian, both at Meek High School; Terri Sudberry,  teacher at Meek Elementary and Jenna-Lee Cagle, Meek lunchroom worker.

In other personnel business, the board approved Daniel Evans as junior varsity baseball coach at Meek High School, Hollie Chambless  as JV cheerleaders sponsor for Double Springs Middle School effective April 26.
The resignation of Felicia Clingan at Double Springs Middle School was approved effective May 27.
“I do appreciate the service that they have rendered to the Winston County school board,” noted Superintendent Greg Pendley about all affected personnel.
“But there’s times we have to make difficult decisions as far as moving forward and trying to make our schools better,” Pendley added.
Pendley confirmed that those non-renewed for the upcoming school year did not hold Continuous Service Status of three years or more consecutive service, or tenure.
“Obviously, anyone who is not renewed will have an opportunity to make reapplication to position, as would anyone else,” Pendley explained.


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