County Road 11 newest Rebuild Alabama project

Winston County Commissioner David Cummings, left, and Road Engineer James Glasgow monitor the work of county road crews in digging out the base failures of County Road 11.

WINSTON COUNTY   -  Motorists are already seeing Winston County’s third round of Rebuild Alabama proceeds being used toward road improvements, with a project started this past week to remedy deterioration on County Road 11.
The $200,000 project is actually being divided into three stages, including digging out the base failures due to wear-and-tear through the years from larger vehicles going to and from the Joint Armed Forces Reserve Center.
The second stage will be applying chip seal over those areas, with the third and final stage being resurfacing of the entire 1.3 mile length of road, which will be done by The Rogers Group of Tuscumbia, noted Winston County Commissioner District 2 David Cummings.
This past week, sections of CR 11 were briefly closed, while crews with the county road department dug out the bad or deteriorated sections of roadway, Cummings said.
In the next week, a chip seal will be applied to seal off these patched areas, with hot mix asphalt applied in the next month and traffic striping to later be added, he added.
“Once they get these bad spots fixed, they are going to pave from (Highway) 195 to Newburg Road,” Cummings stressed. “We hope within three months to get it completed.”
CR 11 is the 1.3 mile connector road between Highway 195 and Newburg Road, where the Jointed Armed Forces Readiness Center is located, officials indicated.
“The asphalt is deteriorating,” Cummings noted. “The reason we are having to pay attention and focus on this road right at this point, is it’s getting in real bad shape. The asphalt is cracking up.
“We have a lot of heavy trucks and machinery on this road because of the armory,” Cummings added. “That’s why we’re having to act now, to  fix it, to save this road.”


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