Scott back as district ranger

Andy Scott (Courtesy photo)

BANKHEAD NATIONAL FOREST - The Bankhead National Forest is once again under the leadership of District Ranger Andy Scott, who departed the Bankhead to become the deputy forest supervisor for the national forests in Mississippi on May 8.
As previously reported in the Alabamian, at the May 3 meeting of the Bankhead Liaison Panel, Cherie Hamilton, forest supervisor for the national forests in Alabama, addressed the panel and the public by phone to inform them to expect there to be at least two acting district rangers, each serving 120-day tenures, before a new permanent ranger arrived.
Scott returned to the Bankhead as district ranger on June 5.
“My short tenure (in Mississippi) and return to the Bankhead were due to significant, unexpected changes in my personal life,” said Scott.

“I'm grateful to the National Forests in Alabama and the National Forests in Mississippi Forest Supervisors Cherie Hamilton and Shannon Kelardy, respectively, as well as to Southern Region Regional Forester Ken Arney for being flexible and allowing me to return,” Scott continued. “Thankfully, I loved and still love the Bankhead Ranger District and the people I serve here.”

While Scott was working in Mississippi, Jason Harris, silviculturist on the Bankhead, was the Bankhead’s acting district ranger.



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