Cross country teams compete in Brooks Invitational

FLORENCE - Cross country season kicked off for local teams Saturday, Aug. 27, as they traveled to McFarland Park in Florence for the Brooks High School Tennessee River Classic.

Here are the results of local participants:

Varsity Girls Class 1-4A:

Cadence Rivera, Haleyville High School, 22nd place, 24:11.71;
Neri Blanco, HHS, 25th place, 24:31.33;
Abigail McDonald, Winston County High School, 39th place, 25:46.51;
Juliana Tidwell, WCHS, 41st place, 25:59.52;
Brooklyn Mobley, HHS, 50th place, 26:50.51;
Bailey Kelley, WCHS, 60th place, 27:58.48;
Chasty Garrison, WCHS, 77th place, 30:29.99;
Molly McDonald, WCHS, 88th place, 33:45.11;
Jazleigh Godina, HHS, 92nd place, 34:28.72;
Kyra Cagle, HHS, 93rd place, 34:29.42;
Kaitlyn Thorn, WCHS, 104th place, 36:11.50;
Jasmine Blanco, HHS, 107th place, 37:49.82;
Emma Hollinghurst, HHS, 109th place, 41:32.56;
Abigail Williams, HHS, 110th place, 41:32.72;
Misty Santamaria, HHS, 112th place, 42:09.91;
Abigail Blevins, WCHS, 113th place, 44:23.20.

Varsity Boys Class 1-4A:

Tyler Clark, HHS, 63rd place, 21:56.54;
William Robins, HHS, 68th place, 22:00.54;
Malachi Carroll, HHS, 74th place, 22:16.03;
Cody Cagle, HHS, 84th place, 22:40.34;
Walker Jackson, HHS, 87th place, 22:46.14;
Zeke Miller, HHS, 113th place, 24:20.72;
Jadden Shook, WCHS, 116th place, 24:24.43;
Kyler Handley, HHS, 129th place, 25:16.85;
Jon Honey, HHS, 130th place, 25:16.91;
Dawton Shook, WCHS, 134th place, 25:29.89;
Eric Martinez, HHS, 174th place, 29:04.24
Reily Alonzo, HHS, 180th place, 30:57.69.

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