Sewer relocation project greenlit by Haleyville Water and Sewer Board

HALEYVILLE - The Haleyville Water Works and Sewer Board voted at its Feb. 28 meeting to accept the low bid for a sewer relocation project that will prepare the way for the creation of a new turning lane on Highway 195 at 20th Avenue.
“The Water and Sewer Board will be responsible for relocating 360 feet of 8-inch gravity sewer line and three manholes,” said HWWSB General Manager Lane Bates.
At the meeting, Calvin Cassady, city engineer, told the board that the project would also include sealing the old pipes and manholes.
The HWWSB received three bids for the project, and Eady Contracting of Russellville was the low bidder, having submitted a bid of $117,000 with an optional deduction of $7,056 (for a total of $109,944) if PVC pipe were to be used instead of ductile iron pipe.
Ranger Environmental Services LLC of Creola submitted a bid of $142,892 with a $6,000 deduction for PVC pipe, and Robinson & Sons Construction Services Inc. submitted a bid of $180,200 with a $3,500 deduction for PVC pipe.
Cassady explained that he and Sewer Superintendent Drew Thrasher had agreed that PVC pipe was actually the best option for two reasons. “One is delivery. There’s still a supply chain problem with ductile iron pipe. The other is ( . . .) I’m seeing problems with ductile iron pipe in sewer(s),” he said, explaining that sewer gases corrode ductile iron pipe that is cracked. “Tuscaloosa has got a huge problem right now, and so PVC is probably a better fix than ductile iron pipe is.”
He said Eady would be able to start around the first of April.


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