Networking Social planned for March 21

HALEYVILLE    -  The Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce is planning a community event to draw younger persons’ interest to the business sector of the community.
A Networking Social, sponsored by the Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce and BankFirst, will be Thursday, March 21, from 5-6 p.m. in the lobby of the bank’s main branch on Main Street downtown.
The first-time event will provide not only light refreshments but also will allow the public a chance to interact with one another and make key connections, stressed Will Walker, BankFirst North Alabama Region President, as well as Chamber board member.
“Really, it’s designed for 25 to 40-year-old individuals because people over the age of 40 probably already have networked. They probably already have a lot of people’s contacts in their phone,” Walker stated.
“A lot of people from 25-to-40 probably haven’t built that network yet, where they have contacts at the bank, the insurance company, the (news)paper, wherever, at the hospital,” Walker added.
“It gives them a chance to interact with other people their age and build their contacts,” Walker continued.
Those in this age group are encouraged to bring their business cards to give to contacts and new contacts they make that evening, according to Walker.
The concept of the Networking Social was inspired by  some after-hours events hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in Tuscaloosa, Walker explained.
Walker stressed that those attending do not have to be business owners but can be citizens that may need to make connections with businesses in the area.
“The secondary reason for the event is really to identify future leaders and future Chamber members,” Walker pointed out.
Those in the present Chamber are going to “age out,” Walker said, at some point, so newer, younger persons will be there to either step into the Chamber or will already be in the Chamber to continue its services forward.
The Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce is comprised of a group of individuals that support businesses in the area and do whatever is necessary to educate  the public on the business opportunities available to them, Chamber board members indicated.
At the Networking Social, these Chamber board members will be available to meet those ages 25 to 40, to give them guidance on business options available and to help them network or interact with representatives of those business, Walker indicated.
“Hopefully, they will just mix and mingle,“ he said.
This way, more word can be spread about the positive things underway and the opportunities available through the local Chamber of Commerce, Walker indicated.
“Some people may not even know we have a Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce and what we do,” Walker continued.
“Hopefully, they’ll be some interest that they will want to join the Chamber of Commerce,” he added.
To become a Chamber member, a person can go online at where they complete an application, or they can contact the Chamber at 205-486-4611, or email at, noted Chamber secretary Ashley Boykin.


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