Parade, music and fireworks in Addison July 4

Addison Police Chief Luke Sheppard and Town Clerk Cindy Luker display T-shirts created for the town’s July 4, festival. (Courtesy photo)

ADDISON   -  The old saying is everyone loves a parade.
 The town of Addison’s Independence Day parade is expected to not only be the largest  but draw the biggest crowd in its history on Thursday, July 4.
The parade will kickoff the day’s activities which will conclude with a festival at Alexander Park with live entertainment and vendors at 5 p.m., and  conclude at 9 p.m. with one of  the biggest fireworks shows in the area at the high school ball fields, explained Addison Fire Assistant Chief Brent Porter
Police chief stresses rules regarding

Parade line-up will be at 9 a.m. with parade starting at 10 a.m. at Addison First Baptist Church, and the public is encouraged to be alert and mindful of some rules, in order for the parade to be a success, stressed Police Chief Luke Sheppard.
“Basing everything off the last few parades that we’ve had, they have gotten extremely big, especially for the area,” Sheppard stated.
“The only thing that we really stress is that the way the parade is set up and designed is it makes two passes,” the chief added. “It makes a pass down in front of Hyatt’s (Grocery), and it makes a pass up through (Highway) 278.
“We ask that no one leaves the area, until the parade has made its second pass coming back towards the church,” Sheppard pointed out.
After the parade has made its second pass, the public can leave at that time, but leaving anytime before the completion of the parade can pose dangers, the chief stressed.
“We’ve got (Highway) 278 shut off, and when the parade makes its first pass, we have people trying to leave,” Sheppard stressed.
“What that does is it creates a problem, because you have the parade coming back, and you have  people trying to pull out and leave. We’ve got the road shut down,” Sheppard added.
“If a small, let’s say 10 or 11 year old kid, is on a four-wheeler, bringing up in the...end of the parade, and you start pulling out there and you are not paying attention, and you run out in front of them, and you run them over, we’ve got a problem,” Sheppard pointed.
“So if you are coming to the parade, stay in place and do not move until the parade has completely over, and the streets are opened back up,” the chief said.
“You can get a ticket,” the police chief warned. “You can get in trouble, if you leave at that point.”
The parade will begin at Addison First Baptist Church, turning left onto Highway 278, traveling west, according to the police chief.
Once the parade reaches the traffic light, it will merge onto County Road 99, or McHann Road, which is the road that travels in front of Hyatt’s market as well as behind Addison Schools, Sheppard explained.
The parade will travel back around to Highway 278, turning at the red light and going back to the church, he said.
The parade typically contains local and area law enforcement, fire departments, schools, churches, antique cars, veterans or military personnel, ATVs and other units, town officials said.

Alexander Park events, fireworks show

After the parade, the next part of the day’s July 4 festivities will begin at 5 p.m., at Alexander Park, with live entertainment at the main stage as well as a large variety of  food vendors and inflatable children’s activities, noted event organizer and assistant fire chief Darrell Smith.
Michael Dean and Memphis, of Decatur, will take the stage at 5 p.m.  for a two part show, the first being a blend of country and classic rock, Smith said.
After intermission, Dean will perform Elvis classics until around 9 p.m., when the fireworks show will be held from the high school ball fields a short distance away, organizers said.
However, the public will be able to see the fireworks show from Alexander Park, according to Porter.
Festival T-shirts will also be given away at the park, according to Porter.
“We would like to get as many people out here to enjoy the festivities and bring their kids,” Porter said. “Come out and enjoy some fun as a community.”
“We’re looking forward to our annual July 4 celebration,” Addison Mayor Marsha Pigg pointed out.
“We already have our decorations out for everyone to enjoy,” Pigg added.
The mayor stressed the day’s activities will conclude with “one of the best fireworks shows around,” at 9 p.m.
“We hope everyone has a fun and safe fourth,” the mayor said.
“It’s a good time for people to come together and celebrate our freedoms that we still have in this country,” Sheppard added.



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