Illegal parking near Caney Creek creating issues

Visitors face a fine if caught parking on the right-of-way.

ASHRIDGE - A popular tourist attraction in Winston County is creating problems for landowners and emergency officials.
Caney Creek Falls, a secluded waterfall on Caney Creek in the Bankhead National Forest is currently closed. The entrance to the falls is located on County Road 2, the portion between Highways 33 and 195. The hike to the falls is approximately one mile, and the absence of parking space has caused a major upheaval with landowners and a headache for the Winston County Sheriff’s Office.
Many visitors have been either parking their vehicles on the right-of-way on County Road 2 or parking on private property for the hike to Caney Creek Falls.


See the complete story in the July 11, edition of The Northwest Alabamian.
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